Dr Jan Kulczyk


of the free market

„Jan Kulczyk was not afraid to make
risky decisions
and had an exceptional business vision.”

New York Times

He was one of the most active Polish entrepreneurs, and was involved in the major economic ventures from the beginning of the transformation.

  • The first toll motorway, the A2 – Autostrada Wolności.
  • One of Europe’s largest brewery groups.
  • The largest automotive import group in Poland.
  • The first privately-owned energy sector group Polenergia.

„The investment projects I like the most are those that do not perhaps produce spectacular results in the short term, but are least susceptible to economic cycles and require exceptional know-how and courage.”

Jan Kulczyk


of green energy

He was highly active in the preservation of the environment and development of clean energy technologies around the world.

  • He was chair of the Green Cross International global Board of Directors.
  • He invested actively in renewable energy.
  • He promoted globally the idea of sustainable energy development.
  • He was chair of the International Renewable Energy Expert Commission in Ukraine.

He was the architect of the international discussion on investment opportunities and economic challenges faced by Africa and the European Union.