Dr Jan Kulczyk



He repeatedly helped others and supported hundreds of community projects.

Champion of culture

For more than thirty years, he was involved in organizing festivals, exhibitions, shows, opera performances, and concerts, and helped the most distinguished artists to grow.

Donor to the Museum
of the History of Polish Jews

In 2012, he donated PLN 20 m towards production of the Core Exhibition of the Museum of the History of Polish Jews, which was the largest single donation made by a private donor.

„The Museum of the History of the Polish Jews is like a moral compass, illustrating how the fate of humanity unfolded, and is a reminder that something of that which is important and of value to us must remain. The museum is a tribute to those who died, and presents and cultivates the memory of the richness of their life and deeds.”

Jan Kulczyk



The Kulczyk Family Fund has awarded 180 scholarships to Polish and Ukrainian students at the Adam Mickiewicz University, worth more than PLN 2 million.

Partner of Polish
Olympic athletes

Strategic sponsor of the Polish Olympic Committee, providing funding of more than PLN 30 m for sportspeople.

„When we are stronger, wealthier, and more influential, that only means that we have more responsibilities, and so money must come with a commitment to change the world, the reality in which we find ourselves.”

Jan Kulczyk